The Privacy Policy needs to be read by the user before registering himself/herself with FOWON.SHOP.

User’s registration with the website would be considered as an acknowledgement which would mean that he/she agrees and accepts the terms of the privacy policy and is wishfully providing his/her personal details.

Customer Information

We store your information which includes your contact details, username, password and email-id when you register yourself with FOWON.SHOP. The primary purpose is to provide you access to the website, protect you from the phishing practices,keep you updated time to time with the promotional activities and benefits that you may receive from offers. We might also use this information to detect user behaviour and to customize your shopping experience with the website. The information stored with the website is authorized by lawful orders and statutory provisions.

Though we are not responsible for any information regarding your purchase, shipping and billing. These information would be stored with the sites which you were redirected to or from the one you purchased your merchandise from. So any customer support regarding the same would be dealt by the respective site.

Browse Through Site Without Registration


There wouldn’t be any questions or complaints regarding the safety and security of your personal information. We ensure you that your personal data is protected and also we would not grant any unauthorized access. But we are not liable for the details you provide to the third party for any purpose.

Sending Invitations

We allow the registered users to send invitation to other people whom they want to be the member of FOWON.SHOP. We do not save any information regarding the invitations sent by the users.

Redirecting Through Links

We at FOWON.SHOP facilitate products and do not sale it directly so you will always be redirected to the original site from where the product would be sold to you. We do not accept any responsibility with regards to their privacy policies, terms and conditions.

Social Media Connection

Our community is also spread over social sites which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You can connect with us through these social platforms as well. But if you do not wish to then you can register yourself with your mail-id and stay connected with the website through it.

Deleting Your Personal Details

You may opt to delete your personal details from the website by sending us a mail on our customer support services. But this shall lead to you not being able to get access to some of the services from FOWON.SHOP and also deletion of your registration from the website.

Changes In Privacy Policy

You need to keep a check on the privacy policy of the site because we may keep updating it over a certain period of time. Our present privacy policy accepted by you gives us the right to store your account information with FOWON.SHOP.

Contact Us


You may contact us via mail for any issues and concerns related to privacy policy. Contact us at- [email protected]