know your Body Shape

Find Your Body Shape, Style tips for your Body Shape

You are what you wear . But what you wear depends on your body shape as well . Determining your body shape is often the first step in learning how to dress in a way that makes your body look its best . Nearly every women has problem area which she wants to cover , as well as positive feature she would like to show off . When talking about female body shapes there are 6 major ones , characteristics of which we have listed below :

Types of female figures.

Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangle Body type have balanced top and bottom , but have little or no waist curve . Rectangle body shape women should dress in such a way that they draw attention away from the waist . Choose clothing styles that direct viewers attention up and down and not on the waist .Wear tops that have details such as embellishments or embroidered necklines or ruffles or bows. Look of skinny jeans or classic cut pants . Avoid wearing square neckline , straight dresses and skirt.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted Triangle Body Shape have narrow hips ,broad shoulder and larger bust .They have curved lines above the waist and straight line below .Shorter upper torso and longer legs .Wear clothes that make your bottom appear wider . Choose cargo pants , wide leg pants for bottom and choose round and V necklines for tops . Avoid wearing shoulder pads , cap sleeves and embellishment around shoulder and bust .

Triangle Body Shape

Triangle Body Shape have small bust , narrow shoulder with wider hips with low hip curve . Longer torso and shorter legs . Triangle body shape is one of the common body type for women . Women with this body shape should wear vertical lines on lower torso and horizontal line on upper torso. Vertical line help minimize your hips and horizontal line help broaden the shoulder . Clothes like turtle neck, wide collars , shoulder yokes draws attention away from your hips to your face instead.

Hourglass Body Shape

Women with an hourglass body shape are so fortunate in fashion because they can wear any style of clothes without any worries . This type of women is equally endowed both at the top and at the bottom with a narrow waist . Wear clothes which are simple and have just one focal point. Face framing collar clothes, shaped jackets, close fitting tops and knits will flatter your body shape .Avoid clothing that is bulky or boxy because they will hide your shape.

Round Body Shape

Round Body Shape have hips and shoulders area similar width, large bust , narrow hips and full rounded curves . They have wider torso , thinner arms and legs . Keep clothing line straight and wear clothes which will elongate your torso and draw attention to your legs .Avoid wearing belts ,clingy shirts or dresses.

Diamond Body Shape

Diamond body shape means middle section of your torso is widest than rest of your body . Bust and shoulder are smaller than hips with high hip curve and slim legs .Add volume to your shoulder by choosing clothes which have embellishment , embroidered neckline , low neckline . Create balance in your body by creating waistline . Wear dark color bottom and straight fit bottoms . Avoid wearing baggy and shapeless bottoms and tight fabrics for tops